Find a job wherever, whenever.

Ant Hill's mission is to revolutionize the way small city economies grow by offering greater transparency into work opportunities in these areas. Connecting students with work at local businesses, both parties will have the chance to work, build, and grow regardless of socio-economic status, company size, college degree or family connections. While many people are forced to leave their towns in search of good jobs, Ant Hill is determined to prove that young talent can thrive and flourish in small town USA whether they are working at a start up, a business, or starting their own company. #worklocal


The Team

Marcella Jewell, Founder

Marcella is an avid yogi and you may see her walking across the street on her hands. She is inspired by Megan Smith, the current CTO of the United States, and dreams about landing her job someday, working at the White House, and utilizing technology to solve the country's fundamental problems.

Hunter Fortuin, Lead Engineer

Hunter grew up in the middle of nowhere, Upstate New York, with dialup internet long after the rest of the world moved onto faster things. After moving to Troy and experiencing “big city living” he skipped college and started to learn how to build startups and how to program. Now, he loves building software that solves huge problems. When not telling computers what to do he can be found hiking up mountains during the summer or sliding down them with a snowboard strapped to his feet during the winter.

Matt Barth, Product

Matt is the trendiest member of the Ant Hill team, which makes him perfect for analyzing data. He has climbed more mountains than Hunter, enjoys playing trumpet and soccer, and is fascinated by military and economic history.

Shane Boland, Lead Designer

Shane is a front-end developer. He is well-known for being the world’s tallest web designer. His goal is to make websites that are fast, readable, responsive, and usable for people all over the world. He enjoys watching The Office, staring out the window, and talking to animals even though other people can’t hear them talk.

Ethan Glass, Sales & Partnerships

Ethan, master networker, honed his skills through various life experiences. By traveling the world and living abroad twice, he has developed a passion for communicating, networking and problem solving. Brought on at the start of the company, Ant Hill has allowed him to put these skills to the test. There is not a meeting he has been to without walking away with a business card. When he is not up in Saratoga networking, hustling or having coffee, Ethan enjoys deep conversation, long walks on the beach, and helping students get jobs.