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  • Ant Hill is spelled with two words, "Ant" and "Hill."
  • Ant Hill is the place to find a career-oriented work at a local business. Our database consists of mostly freelance and part-time work, but we do not exclude companies from posting full-time jobs.
  • The majority job seeker demographic on Ant Hill is between 18 and 25, and have a college degree, but we do not exclude anyone from signing up as an Anthiller and finding work through Ant Hill.
  • Ant Hill’s major differeniator from current freelance marketplaces is our focus on skilled, career-oriented work. We vet every job at comes through our site in order to ensure businesses are hiring for the right job.
  • Ant Hill is a champion of local economic growth and youth employment. We champion these by elucidating work opportunities in small town America and by connecting students to local employers during and after college.